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Although scientists arent totally sure why yet, one study found that teens who smoke a lot are 15 times more likely to have panic attacks than teens who dont smoke. Teen smokers also are more likely to have anxiety disorders and depression. Open this photo in gallery jonathan haywardthe canadian press. Teenagers should not be allowed to smoke until they reach the legally designated age for being able to purchase cigarettes. Too much brain development is going on during the teen years to encourage the use of a proven health hazard. Not only is it expensive now but a person can spend lots more, especially if they smoke a pack a day. The average smoker loses 2,292 dollars to cigarettes each year. Parents are the role model of a child the biggest influencers. To watch a parent or a relative smoke, teenagers automatically take on the habit. Your teenager will get the idea that smoking helps when you are tense or dealing with a difficult situation in life.   can you find metell me the top 10 reasons why teens should not smoke? Thanks.   people shouldnt smoke because its harmful to the people who smoke, its harmful to other people around them, and its a waste of money. I dont believe that i should become a prisoner to cancer sticks just because of a single mistake i made. That is why i am glad that i am not legally allowed to smoke. Very true,bcos second hand smoke is as dangerous as the smoke you inhale. E-cigarette use, also called vaping, has become the most popular type of tobacco product for middle and high school students. In fact, vaping within this age group has increased tenfold in the last eight years.

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