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  gaming addiction or disorder occurs when teens compulsorily play video games for long hours until it begins to impair in family, social, personal, educational, and other vital areas of life. We need to establish the fact that playing video games can offer some amazing benefits. If your teen would prefer to play video games than hang out with friends, play sports or even bathe regardless of negative consequences then your teen may need treatment for video game addiction. Before an adolescent is admitted to ertp, an in-depth screening begins with the first conversation between parents and a professional admissions adviser. An increasing number of teens are playing video games for hours each day. Sometimes, the amount of time and focus dedicated to video games surpasses that dedicated to any hobby. The jury is in and pathological video gaming disorder warrants a dsm title along with other addictive disorders. Teens with video game addiction lose touch with reality because of the massive amount of time they spend playing on a screen. The connection to the game becomes a driving factor to a teen suffering from electronic addiction. Such a teen starts avoiding social interaction because gaming confines you to a world where you do not need to socialize. Video games can create addictions by incorporating different things. For example, in fortnite there is a leveling up feature where you gain items or skins for continually playing the game. This makes teens want to keep playing it to the point they feel bad when they are not playing. A note to teens getting help for video game addiction if youre reading the information on this website, its probably because you or someone you know spends a lot of time playing video games. Hopefully, youve already read our articles about the symptoms of video game addiction and the consequences of gaming addiction.   one thing they do agree on is that the percentage of players who meet the proposed criteria for addiction to video games is small.

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