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Teen pregnancy, jobs, tendentious views, lack of confidence and being prejudice are only a few aspects in where teens are being treated unfairly. We are misguided and misunderstood and simply in search of acceptance.   speaking as a teenager, i absolutely loathe being treated as a child. Teenagers should be spoken to as adults, they should be included in the decisions that are going to directly affect them, they should be held r. For example it is fair when parents have consistent curfew rules for their teens, but when one child has an early wake up, it is reasonable to make that curfew earlier. Teens perceive that boys get to use the family car more often than girls, thus granting them greater independence. How gender sensitive are you as a parent? Try the following exercise my teenage daughter got terribly homesick while she was away visiting her cousin, so my spouse and i decided to. Unfortunately a lot of disabled children and teenagers are treated poorly by their non-disabled peers, no matter the amount of empathy and kindness they show in return. Maybe if we had actual teens writing the scripts, people would see what teens are really like. Hannah van sickle , 14 teenagers are either portrayed with adult problems or as hormonal roller coasters. Hell start thinking, when something isnt fair, the rules dont apply to me. Thats when youll see your child punch a hole in your kitchen wall and then blame his little brother for making him mad. Or youll hear your teen say, i didnt have the money for this make-up, so i stole it.   if you dont address the issue appropriately when your child complains something isnt fair, you may be at risk of raising a child who whines that everything is unfair. A child who constantly says things like, its not fair grandma gave grandpa a bigger cookie than she gave me! Or its not fair i dont get to be first in line, will struggle to get along with others.   to be fair, rules should be clear or readily accessible so people can follow them. When rules arent explicitly stated, people can break them inadvertently and be punished unfairly.

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