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Self-mutilation, sometimes called self-injury, self-harm, self-abuse, or self-inflicted violence, is the deliberate harming of ones own body without the intent to commit suicide. Researchers have identified five elements common to all self-injury behaviors. Posted by mark gregston february 9, 2016 february 28, 2020 leave a comment on self-mutilation teens and cutting. Some young people today live in a world that goes over the edge. The edge of pain doesnt stop them in their pursuit of eliminating boredom and creating excitement. Encourage your teen to find positive activities to relax or deal with emotions, such as playing an instrument, journal writing, sports, dancing, reading, exercise, etc. Encourage your teen to avoid people, music, and internet sites that glorify self-injury, and to seek friends who share his or her positive interests. Some researchers have categorized self-mutilation as a form of self-injury. Self-injury is characterized as any sort of self-harm that involves inflicting injury or pain on ones own body. In addition to self-mutilation, examples of self-injury include hair pulling, picking the skin, excessive or dangerous use of mind-altering substances such as alcohol, and eating disorders. 13 to 12 of us adolescents have engaged in some type of self injury. Cutting and burning are the most common types of non-suicidal self-injury. 70 of teens engaging in self-injury behavior have made at least one suicide attempt.

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