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Braking teens may self sabotage in order to slow the process of adulting and the entering into real world. Shameworthlessness shame tells us that we are not good enough, not wanted, and that we are not worthy of love. We self sabotage because we do not feel we deserve success in life.   teen age self-destructiveness takes many forms from having a chaotically messy room or refusing to talk to parents, to chronic school failure or getting into trouble with the law.   self-harm is often a behavior kept secret from friends and family by the teen. This action is a negative way troubled teens try to express hurt or confusion. Self-harm and self defeating behaviors are done by teens that struggle to find a positive outlet for their moods and feelings. Cutting is one of the most common self-harming behaviors practiced by teens. Up to 46 of high school students have engaged in self-injury like cutting or burning the skin. Other behaviors such as picking, pulling, scratching, or even self-tattooing can also be involved. Self harm and self-defeating behaviors trinity teen solutions. Trinity teen solutions is a christian-based residential treatment center providing programs to help troubled girls who are using self harm and self-defeating behaviors to deal with the hardships of life. We offer on-site skilled and experienced, professional counselors to help our girls learn to love themselves again.   tips for teens who self-sabotage awareness learn to recognize your signs of self-sabotage and become aware of your self-defeating thoughts. Acknowledge it determine if your behavior is an excuse or a reason.   self-defeating behavior 4 saying no when you want to say yes dont let a little fear talk you out of pursuing something that excites you! Dont let any limiting beliefs get in the way of going after something that you really want.   changing self-defeating behavior plays a major role in recovery and improved mental health. In life we find there are unavoidable difficulties we are bound grapple with. Self-defeating thoughts list the self-defeating thoughts list draws in part on the work of cognitive-behaviorists such as albert ellis, aaron beck, and david burns. Perfect performance i should never lose, fail, or make errors. Impossibility my challenges in life can never be overcome or solved. Once you get skilled at identifying your self defeating beliefs and your cognitive distortions then you can begin to reach for a better feeling thought. First, identify where you are then identify where you want to be. Next, reach for a better feeling thought by changing the story you are telling yourself.

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