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Feeling tired can make your teen too unaware of his surroundings to create a memory, or it can inhibit his memory recall. Dissociative disorder can cause your teen to lose her short-term or long-term memory. This disorder occurs when your teen experiences a traumatic event--its a coping response to block memory.   depression in teenagers could happen due to various reasons such as medical conditions, the stress in daily life, substance abuse, and the start of menstruation in girls (13). Brain tumors memory loss could be one of the many symptoms of brain tumors. Forgetfulness and memory loss sometimes seen in those struggling and despite the fact that anxiety and depression are relatively common, they arent well understood by many. Mental health is a complicated issue, and some of the symptoms of these conditions arent very intuitive. Causes of short-term memory loss in teens there are some factors that may cause short-term memory loss in teens. Some of these are, stress, uncertainty, vacillating hormones, substance abuse like, use of marijuana, alcohol, inhalants, and ecstasy. Read the article for the factors that could lead to short-term memory loss in teens. But recently, a new cognitive condition has been discovered that is afflicting people in their teens and 20s.   memory loss can also occur after a child experiences a period of unconsciousness or concussion. This symptom may be accompanied by vomiting or nausea, slurred speech, and dizziness. Kids who have memory loss as a result of a concussion may also complain of headaches and ringing in the ears.   but if youre not elderly, dont stress out too much just yet even if youre experiencing memory loss in your 20s, the odds are slim that your problems.   memory loss in teens? So over a couple of years (since i was 11) i have slowly but steadily lost large portions of my memory. It started with small things like small events that happened in the past. But now (im 14) i cannot remember active members of my family.

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